April 2, 2012

Pleb  / pl-ɛhb /  noun

Definition: To be devoid of pubes (pubic hair). Pubeless.

Used by: Schoolboys aged 11-14 years. Vulgar. Has roots in the word ‘plebeian’ [commoners of Ancient Rome]. Also see: usage in song


It is break time at school. Johnny is walking down the corridor drinking a can of Lilt. Martin races up to him, “Oi you! Giz a swig on yer can.”

Johnny pauses. “Do one.” 

Martin’s eyes narrow. “Give it here you pleb!” He reaches out to grab the can from Johnny’s grasp.

"Get to fuck! Who you calling a pleb anyway?"

"Look right, I’ve seen you in showers after games. I’m bount tell all girls in Home Eck."

Johnny blushes and silently hands over the can. 

Synonyms: Pubeless; baldy bits.

Antonyms: Pubey; bushy.

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